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Get Mobile and run a more efficient home office with our MobilePbx Solutions

Home Office Customers

Do you have a Small Office or a Home Office (SOHO), then we have the perfect telephone solution for your needs.

Home Offices Typically Have This Type of Setup:

1 Phone Line

1-2 Office Staff

1 Location

No switchboard (PABX)

No Line Hunting

Your Small Home Office Telephone Solutions

Faranani Telecom has the perfect solution for your home office.

The Phones

Voice Monitoring Services

You can set a spend limit on your phone lines. Just tell us how much you want to spend and we’ll warn you when you get close, and then we’ll stop your calls when you hit your budget.

User Extension Groups

About the User Extension Groups

The Faranani Inter-branch functionality allows for the allocation of pre-determined MSISDNs (Line Numbers) within a group, so that one pre-determined MSISDN can transfer to another pre-determined MSISDN within the same group, at NO COST to the customer, only pay for outgoing calls as agreed. All users will be in the same network platform within Faranani Telecoms.

Our Small Office Customers love it and here is what they have to Say

Run a better business with our MobilePbx Telephony Solutions


With us you get the following benefits for the duration of your contract

BEST Network Call Quality and Price

  • Best call quality via our Premium tier-one Faranani Telecom Network
  • The leading GSM fixed-line provider
  • Wireless (NO copper or fibre or VoIP)
  • hunting and geographic number porting on GSM 

TOP Telephone Products

  • Innovative telephony solutions
  • Faranani Telecom Network
  • Variety of handsets
  • Customized Apps


  • The best service in the industry
  • Receive your new telephone line within days, not weeks!
  • Dedicated Customer Service Agent
  • Immediate first line support
  • Free support for Faranani Telecom related issues
  • Free maintenance on all products and services
  • Nationwide service and support

BEST Pricing

  • Many phones to choose
  • Pay less for your calls
  • Slash costs for your monthly line rental
  • Guaranteed cost savings
  • Faranani Telecom provides all equipment
  • Rental options on equipment available