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About Faranani Telecom Phone Lines

The Faranani Telecom telephone network offers premium quality phone calls that are more reliable than your current provider.

We are the only company in South Africa that provides voice using GSM. This includes line hunting, geographic number porting, and new geographic number allocation.

Why Faranani Telecom Phone Lines?

Popular telecom providers install copper to your home or office.We provide phone calls to your home or office using GSM technology, which is cheaper and better

Calls are cheaper

On average, we’re up to 50% cheaper than traditional fixed line (copper) operators

Quality is better because it’s not VoIP

  • VoIP is more expensive
  • A VoIP call is converted from voice to data and then back into voice. With Faranani Telecom, it’s voice all the way (which is a more stable solution)
  • If data is being used heavily, calls won’t connect
  • VoIP is like a call – poor (dependent on data connectivity)
  • VoIP uses data and is bandwidth dependent

Quality is better because it’s not VoIP

  • Tier 1 Voice – no middle man, you connect directly to the mobile telephone network
  • Coverage is better

Better service

  • You can now port your existing landline number to our GSM platform. Should you experience network issues, we will divert your main number to an alternate network – either your personal mobile, or one provided by us.

Using A Phone on MobilePabx

When you switch from your current telecoms provider to Faranani Telecoms, calls to your office or home will come to your Faranani Telecom handset via the GSM Wireless CISCO Broadsoft Platform, and no longer via fibre or Wi-Fi (VoIP) or copper. Outgoing calls will route via your new handset wirelessly to the nearest GSM mobile cell phone tower and then directly to your customer. No cable theft, and no interruptions. We can also divert your calls to any number of your choice should you need to do so.

VOIP PABX using a Router

The VOIP Pabx phone system requires a pabx (hardware), a router (hardware, data & internet needed) before it connects to the GSM mobile network before connecting to the cellphone user fully reliant on fibre or Wi-Fi (VoIP) or copper lines . All outbound calls routes have many legs where the call can breakdown, plus cable theft and power outages will have a significant effect on your calls.

Mobile Pabx is a NO BRAINER in South Africa.

Most businesses are switching to wireless phones and 49% of their employees have substituted their landline phones entirely with wireless devices.

MPBX: The most reliable small business telephone system

Once you have connected to our world-class, premium cellular phone lines network.

Work from Anywhere

Faranani Telecom presents the next evolution in business communications.

For the first time ever, you can port your existing landline number or be allocated a new landline number on Faranani Telecom’s wireless GSM network and then group them together to operate in a single hunt group

Now you can take control of your business communication by using a simple yet cost effective and highly advanced SOHO solution.

Our Small Office Customers Love It And Here Is What They Have To Say

Run a better business with our Telephony Solutions


Receive the following benefits for the duration of your contract

BEST Network Call Quality and Price

  • Best call quality via our Premium tier-one Faranani Telecom Network
  • The leading GSM fixed-line provider
  • Wireless (NO copper or fibre or VoIP)
  • hunting and geographic number porting on GSM 

TOP Telephone Products

  • Innovative telephony solutions
  • Faranani Telecom Network
  • Variety of handsets
  • Customized Apps


  • The best service in the industry
  • Receive your new telephone line within days, not weeks!
  • Dedicated Customer Service Agent
  • Immediate first line support
  • Free support for Faranani Telecom related issues
  • Free maintenance on all products and services
  • Nationwide service and support

BEST Pricing

  • Many phones to choose
  • Pay less for your calls
  • Slash costs for your monthly line rental
  • Guaranteed cost savings
  • Faranani Telecom provides all equipment
  • Rental options on equipment available